Oct 1, 2007

America's Got Talent!

I guess I'm in a video watching mood this time again. Well, I can't let this time passed without sharing you Bianca Ryan, an 11- year old sweet, charming little girl from America's Got Talent. I know years had past already and she's a star now but hearing her powerful voice, I was totally starstruck! over and over again.

I watched her latest interview before in Oprah and I bet, I loved her.

I'm really telling you she's going to amazed you even with this first performance she had which is actually her audition. I think, she already is a million dollar baby from this very first appearance.

I got this video from her first audition.

What a great talent she is! Wooo-wooow-wooow! Bravo, Bianca!!!
She really deserves her winning. Do you think so?

Watch this following video and judge for yourself if she truly has the million dollar act! 'Singing, I am Changing' from dreamgirls, Jennifer Huston, I loved it to the max! soulful and powerful:) right?

Spectacular, isn't it? You can click here to see her winning moments.

Well, bianca may have realized by now that singing in front of million of audiences, serenading the Pres. George Bush with, 'Have yourself a Merry Christmas' during yuletide seasons, and winning a million dollar instead of dancing is a pretty good bargain after all!

Guess, after watching it you'll get goosebumps as I had.
Anyways, did you? did you?

Out of Thin Air

Hi! I thought you might be interested in this website.

I've just seen it a while ago, guess,
we're kinda late. But, if you're interested as I am now, we'll find a way to view the whole series. I guess, it's live telecasts in the US.

These series tackles the answer of creation versus Darwin's theory of Evolution. I believe in God but it's nice to know in detail the very core why we should or not believe it.

In November 2004, National Geographic asked the question 'Was Darwin Wrong?' Their answer? 'Absolutely not!'

Was National Geographic wrong? Thats one of the questions Shawn Boonstra, speaker/director for
It Is Written Television, will explore during a special series taking place Sept. 28 - Oct. 1. During this series, Boonstra will tackle some of the biggest questions in the universe:

* Does God really exist?
* Where do human beings come from?
* What story does the fossil record tell?
* What is the meaning of life?

Visit the website now!


Out of Thin Air
The Origin of Species
Coming September 28, 2007.

Does God really exists?

Sep 29, 2007

Chelsea in-Crisis

Ah... Chao and I have just finished watching the live telecast game of Chelsea Vs. Fullham in their home court at Stamford Bridge, correct me if I'm wrong. Well, I don't know many things about soccer and all those stuffs, but it's Chao's passion. He's really into it, he even has a league of his own here so I try to watch and learn to like it too. I just thought that it's a waste of time watching football players kick the soccer ball, but then I find myself enjoying the last minutes of the game tonight. Too bad for both of them, no one has scored yet.

And so was the most awaited ending which sadly, is a draw.

My attention was drawn to the Assistant Grant who suddenly became the acting Manager of the football team. Oh boy! you must have seen that sad and very lonely look on his eyes after the game was over! I'm thinking its not his fault that the Chelsea didn't win in its own home court. Chao told me it's their first time not to win in their home court. So, the feeling must have been really hard for Grant.

Imagine, while the game is going on, Chelsea's fans kept on boo-ing the players, shouting Jose Maurinho repeatedly until the game was over? It's really something for the players and specially to the acting manager, Grant. It's like saying on his face that, he's not the one, not qualified yet to stand as manager for chelsea 'cuz he's not the best. We can't put the blame to him, right? It must have been a BIG pressure to him. I felt pity on him very much tonight.

Oh my!!! I'm so affected:)

Anyways, it hits me that the situation between Chelsea and the former manager, Jose Maurinho and the seniors players as well has gotten to a level of complexity. I've heard lots of conflicts between Jose Maurinho and the owner of the team. It's hard if Jose can't get that support from the owner; in cases like what player he wants and what the other wants. I think they don't connect much. Why do you think so?

On the other hand, it'll be really hard for Jose to keep on managing his football players if the senior football players have lost their respect to him. By what? of course, not trusting him, following his direction. Thus, the unity in the team is dismantled.

Without unity, success is indefinite, right?

So I guess, yeah! if Jose knew that because of these mounting up reasons that the owner has decided to terminate him, he would submit his resignation before hand to save his dignity as a person. Who wants to get remembered that he was sucked in? :(

Maybe, its really the best solution.

What do u think? or do u have any alternative solution to their case?Case closed or not? hehe... Anyways, I learned today that unity is really very important in any form of relationships. For without it, there is no success. Everything will be in chaos, right?

I hope there is something good that will happen in this events taking place in Chelsea. What do you think will happen to the team?And by the way, if Jose Maurinho is watching this game- what words will come out again of his mouth? hehe... do you think it'll be harsh? I guess, whether he keeps his mouth shut, all those unspeakable words would just show in his face. I googled him u know, and I got a very good description of him here.

I guess, the world is missing him now. Do you?

Sep 28, 2007

The Joy of Forgiving

Have you ever had someone who has done you wrong and you were able to forgive him? Well, you know, I do feel upset when others failed me in one way or another. But I try to forgive them. But for some reason, there are others which is kinda like very hard to forgive.

But God says, we have to forgive people who have flawed us, so our sins will be forgiven too.

I remember watching Oprah and there were these ladies whom Oprah praised so much for their forgiving attitude. You know, when she really appreciate someone, she would continuously say, 'wooo, woooo, woooo' and she would repeat it over and over again while clapping her hands.

She even called these ladies, 'Sheroes". Why?

There's this old lady about 4o plus years old who was gun shot right thru her brain resulting in brain damage and loss of vision thus, she has to re-learn the very basic things a person has learned since a baby. How to talk, to eat, to do simple things but eventually, after years of rehabilitation, miracles help her to be able to come back to her life though she got blind and got very slow to speak. She says, ' after she woke up from weeks of comatose status, she had already forgiven those two teenagers who did that to her.

What an unbelievable act is that! right?

There's another lady who has been victimized In London when a train and a bus suddenly explode due to a bomb done by the terrorists. Her legs are cut off at a snap of her hands, in the blink of an eye but then, she was there- on the stage.. testifying that if those terrorists had been alive, she would tell them she had forgiven them.

what is with this women who forgives so easily?

FORGIVENESS is really the most powerful word, agree with me? Forgiving is a part of our journey of life. Because if we don't, then living daily life is tiring and exhausting. Imagine holding grudges at someone, what is left is you being more and more empty because of that hatred. Someone says, 'not forgiving someone is like drinking poison everyday, but the thing that we don't know is, that it is the one killing ourselves.'

I like the statement of Oprah's friend-psychologist in her show. She says, 'we have to accept that things have been done to us, we have to recognize the hurt and let it go.'Harboring hatred and grudges to someone blinds us of the goodness of life. It just makes us obsessed of being stuck on the idea that someone has done us wrong.

I realized then, that forgiving is not condoning- excusing someone's behavior. But is good to give it so we could have peace in our self... so we could move on. Do you know of someone who needs your forgiveness now? or perhaps, you are the one who needs it?

Wonderful peace in our mind, our heart is what we're gonna get if we learn to forgive or ask for it.

Love Rubber Bands

By Bo Sanchez

Let me tell you a crazy story I heard recently. There’s this husband who out of sheer love for his wife decided to prove it to her. So he swam the widest oceans, crossed the deepest rivers, and climbed the highest mountains to show his deep devotion to her. But in the end, she divorced him. Why? Because he was never home. (Get it?)

Let me tell you an experience I had as a kid. One day, I asked Mom, "Why do my shoes keep eating my socks?" As a young boy, that was always a mystery for me. All my other classmates never had that problem. Their socks remained tight and high up their legs the entire day.

Mom didn't answer my question but simply gave me two rubber bands which I dutifully placed around the top of my socks. To this day, fifteen years later, I still have permanent circle marks around my legs. But aside from giving me this slight defect, the two bands worked like magic.
It never occurred to me that Dad and Mom didn't have the money to buy a new pair of socks for me. So I wore five-year-old socks, all soggy, grayish, and garter less. And yet amazingly, I never complained. I believe it was because Dad was always home when I
needed him.

Every night, after coming from work, we'd jog together, sit around, and talk about Tarzan, Farrah Fawcett Majors, God, and what I wanted to be when I grew up (a stockholder). On Saturdays, we'd walk to Cubao, eat a hotdog-on-a- stick, and buy
new rubber bands before going home.

I've learned that in truth, we don't want our loved ones to show their love for us in big ways. Swimming the widest oceans, crossing the deepest rivers, and climbing the highest mountains seem spectacular - but that's not what we really want. Deep in our hearts, we just want them home. With us.

Sometimes, God will operate that way. Suddenly, He decides not to answer our prayers, or fill our need, or heal our sickness, or give us the miracle we're asking for. (He's got reasons why He won't, and believe me - they're pretty good ones.) So He'll just be there beside you, holding you in a hug. Sharing your pain. Weeping as you weep. Oh, He might give you some rubber bands.
And that small comfort from Him will be more than enough to sustain you. Because the most essential truth you already know.

...to be home.

How many times do we miss God's blessings because they are not packed as we expected? I trust you enjoyed this.

Pass it on to others. Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for...



Source: Gmail forwarded msgs

Sep 27, 2007

Honest to goodness FRIENDS!

It's really nice to have friends. People whom you can call anytime of the day to share any thing you want to. Whether it's really about embarrassing moments or plainly nothing. People whom you could ask for help when u needed one. For some reason, they are the ones who can understand your silliness or maybe your deeper sense of thinking. People whom u can call your 'person' as what Meredith Grey used to call her best friend in Grey Anatomy's series.

I've had a closest friend before which I thought is my best friend before. But when she moved to the US, a lot of things changes her. She even neglected to invite me in her wedding. She told me later, 'its because the computer is not working, and I know u couldn't come 'cuz ur in another country. That's it! She told me later through a letter that I'm the best friend she ever had but then she'd been busy with life.

I thought, we could always catch up with the things that we left off but in the real world, things change and people change... so we just accept the way things are for what it is... Its hard to have friends we have to make effort- and though we try- sometimes, they don't respond the way we hope they would do.

All throughout the years, I've had a lot of friends. But so many categorized to an acquaintance level only. Maybe that defines why some prefer to say I've 'collected' friends! Because, very few remains. Perhaps, I got few special stones and more rough stones too!

But, I've never stop to make, build and rebuild friends.

In order to have friends, we should be one. So we try to be reach out, to do a little extra effort, actually doing goody nice things sensibly, right? because friendship, it's like if we don't sit at the matter, it's like nothing... friendship is like that. It's like a course taken step by step 'cuz we need to nurture it so it will grow. If there is no foundation, then it will easily be stormed away for never-ending reasons!

A friend this afternoon sent me an Instant message(IM) saying she feels so down cuz she's been sickly these weeks... another one popped in my screen teasing me and telling me stories that made me laugh out loud. Later, my 'barkada,' a close friend from high school greeted me and beginning to speak senti with me about having true friendships and all that sorts...

Really, friends keeps us sane and progressive, for without them, life needs some major repair. People have different definitions when it comes to the meaning of friendship.

Rosemarie says, "Some folks find it easy to maintain relationship and some lose them as quick. In any case, I think it's our human nature to connect with other people on a deeper level. "

Research found that having even one close or best friend can improve and extend your life. But we all need more than just one friend in case a friend moves away or is busy. A friend is defined as someone you are not related to by either birth or marriage, nor do legal ties bind you. Most social scientists agree that friendship excludes romance or sexual intimacy, or it has become something other than friendship.

Let me share this article to you. According to Dr. Jan Yager, there is a list of ten friends that every woman needs. It need not be ten separate individuals; some friend categories might overlap.

1. The Casual Friend. Someone you like and who likes you, but the friendship is far from intimate. In contrast to acquaintances or those with whom you merely network, there is a connection with a casual friend, but just information and activities are shared.

2. The Close Friend. Someone you'll be able to be yourself and they feel comfortable to be themselves around you, no matter what the situation is. You confide your private thoughts or feelings with a close friend without fear of repercussions because there is a mutual trust that confidences will not be shared.

3. The Best Friend. Like a close friend, the best friend is elevated to a high level of intimacy, but there is an assumption of exclusivity. A best friend may be harder to maintain after marriage. However, as long as boundaries are respected, women of all ages may still benefit from having a best friend.

4. Same-Sex Friend. Someone who helps you to validate or challenge your own perspectives and to be able to share about experiences along gender lines. Friends of the same sex, usually have a commonality about some experiences, such as issues related to fashion, career, romantic relationships, or childbearing.

5. Opposite-Sex Friend. Having an opposite-sex friend provides each gender with the chance to take a break from those gender-specific ways of connecting. In that way, a woman could have friendships with men that are more activity-oriented (and the male friends could find themselves more comfortable opening up emotionally to their female friends).

6. The Nostalgia Friend. You grew up together, went to school together, or once worked together. A nostalgia friend helps you to have a continuity in your life and reminds you of where you've been as a way of reaffirming how far you've traveled in life.

7. The Role Model. This is a friend you helps you go to the next level, whether she's better or works harder, or has somehow managed to find the right balance in her life among her career, romantic, childcare, and friendship pulls and choices.

8. The Motivator. When you're feeling defeated or overwhelmed, the motivator brings you way up, as she inspires you, and inspires you to keep trying.

9. The Realist. This friend doesn't put you down, but she does temper your enthusiasm and wild plans with welcome and well-meaning realism.

10. The Nurturer. A nurturer is the one who offers her help, if you want to take it. She doesn't just point you in the right direction for help. Even more importantly, she supports you emotionally by empathizing with your joys or sadness on such a deep level that it helps you to feel safer and stronger.

Yes, we need these ten friends in our lives but we also need to be providing these characteristics to our friends. How many casual, close, or best friends have you nurtured lately?

Perhaps, I should try adding my cyber friends as well:)

A Taste of our Home- part 2

To continue my bold sharing of our living style here in Bangkok, here I am again sharing our humble home.

5. This is the 5th relocation we have been after 28 months and I guess, we couldn't feel anything more but a more rested, 'feel at home' feeling. We came back to town and so, we choose this time a very convenient location for traveling and reaching anywhere else here in BKK. We went from ramkhamhaeng 170 to 105. Our building is right in front of the main road going to the busy city of bangkok or to the Suvarnabhumi airport. So, you'll expect to hear sounds of screeching tires once in a while, or just a plain noise from the car engines.

Though, we have a bigger place here, noise is somewhat bothersome at first but after few consecutive days, I guess, I get used to it already. Well, I guess it's a good thing that here, people use horns very, very seldom, u know unlike in the congested city of manila that's why our ears are relax and not stressed, 24 hours a day.

Oh, here's my favorite quotes about home:

The most important work you and I will ever do will be within the walls of our own homes.
-Harold B. Lee

Mid pleasure and palaces though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.
-John Howard Payne

there's no place like home:)
here's our 2 bedroom unit at the 7th floor. We are lucky to have a friend who have bargained our unit with his friend so we got it in a much lower price. Guess what?

This semi-furnished unit with built-in kitchenette, bath tub, closet, wooden table for 2, long side table, and queen-sized bed cost us 7, 000 baht + 700 association fee+ 7, 700 baht.
It's already a good price, u know. Considering that we are on the corner, usually people pay somewhat 8-500 above. We bought the appliances, though.

Oh and this seems like a sponsored post- but its not. hehe!
I don't have any software yet to make a collage so I use photo collage studio, free from the internet for evaluation. And yup, you'll definitely see right there the compensation I have to endure.

this is our living room, dining- multi-purpose room!

our bedroom

walk-in closet, storage, extra room

and this is our view from the front side,
then to the side(2nd room)

notice the UBC dish, below that is a thai school but
we are not bothered by the noise. I guess the only thing I heard
is their opening ceremony every 8 am. Not bad, huh!

What I like about the apartments here in bangkok is the fact that there's also available airconditioning installed. I guess, I'm used to using ACs and it's a part of our life here since bangkok has a warm weather, very hot.

As I've said earlier, home is where the heart is so wherever we are, as long as we learn to organize, clean and make our home inviting and lingering with cheery attitude, that will reflect our lives vice-versa.

It does matter if you're rich and you have a nice, big, beautiful house but importantly, above that one, is the matter which makes it worthy of living, and that is when our house can be called a home. A home where love, joy and peace abides. I think that's what matters the most! Agree? :)

A Taste of our Homes

I wouldn't mind but I know sometime soon, anyone whose going to read my consecutive entries will be sensory overload by my Burma bla-blahs. hehe!

I'm more comfortable and relax here in our present home. Well, it's one thing if you sense that happiness inside your home and so its very good to think that after a long day's work, your peaceful home will pacify ur soul, makes u 'breathe' and gives you that sense of comfort u can't find anywhere else. That's why at this moment, after grabbing my camera I took some shots of our new home! I think I'll gain more uploading these photos years from now when I'm no longer staying here so while I'm here, I better relinquish it, right?

I guess, it'll be nice to see it even though in blogs. It will surely bring back memories. Oh by the way, before doing this entry, I've taken some serious thoughts about it. I'm kinda shy.. actually! Well, just want to make this as some sort of a documentary too how life have been for us here in Bkk:)

Most of the average Pinoylike us lives here in Bangkok in a studio-type apartment so to have an idea, I'll be open to share it with u here to show how it would look like. Guess, I'm brave enough!

Transparency is the rule:)

We are on the first few steps of our humble beginning. An ordinary couple trying to live a comfortable life in the best we can. It may not be your best or someone else's, but we are very thankful that we have been blessed to have a shelter we call our own. Even if its just rented:) And so, as a sojourner, a somewhat backpacker 'us' with lots of belongings, I've decided to do this anyway.

Hmmm... it's funny ya know? this is our 5th relocation. Imagine for 2 and 4 months(28 months) of stay here in BKK, this is our 5th? interesting! never gets tire, huh? But I'm pretty sure this will gonna be our last move. This is it:)

It's hard to pack and unpack u know?

But it's for the best. To better our lifestyle. You know, cuz honestly, living in a studio room makes my lifestyle different in many ways. Our room is small much like 32 sq. meters, with 1 bathroom and a decent balcony where we use to built our made-up kitchen as well. Ahhh! That's where our automatic washing machine is placed as well! Imagine that?

1. For our 1st and 2nd home in DnD, Ekamai-sukhumvit 71 soi 37, I don't have pictures there. Nah.. it's all in my nokia 6230 which until now I haven't uploaded yet. (No cord, bluetooth way slow) But it's pretty much decent studio room- worthing 3000 baht. El Cheapo!

We moved twice in this building cuz the first month, we're on the 4th floor that's why when the first floor has been vacated the next month, we moved right away. By the way, I'm adjusting to BKK, I haven't had job for about a couple of months.

3rd. After a month of moving to the 1st floor bldg. of Dnd, I find a job! Both of us moved to Chatvalai Mansion, ramkhamhaeng 170 somewhere 30 minutes away- private ride. We have been hired at same school! Finally, my first job!

And so here's our room on the middle of the 7th floor. I kinda forgot what number is it! yikes! ehehe!It costs us 3500 baht+ 300 for the internet. We stayed here for almost 1 year.

couldn't deny more, how many stuffs I have:)

we bought the plastic shoe rack and the metal storage
look! my bags are folded on the 2nd storage:) hihi!

pardon the messy TV table!

that door is the toilet and the other one-covered by the curtain
is the way to the smallest balcony I've ever seen!

The king-sized bed is so hard. I remembered both of us having backaches then!
The closet is very small:) we have hidden big plastic storage under the bed
for clothes and some more stuffs.

I like the floor, though! very easy to clean:)

this is our view from the balcony! I like it on top:)

4. After one year, across the Chatvalai is the newly-built TM Mansion. It seems our adrenaline keeps on pumping and we never stops relocating until we can find a much decent and bigger place for us so here's some shots of our 4,100 baht studio room apartment in TM Mansion. We're on the 7th floor too, 703 specifically.

For one year, this is the only picture we have!
Chao's right foot captured-ooops!

Notice the aluminum foil on the glass door?
I put it to prevent excessive heat from sunlight
during afternoon hours.

built-in storage in which, I wish wasn't there:) takes up more space

we bought this time this 2 seater couch...

Chao was able to acquire King Benny!
(his office chair costing him 1, 200 baht, for me it's expensive!)

This is my dressing table:)

we also purchased a wooden shoe cabinet worth 799 baht

installed shelves serves as storage for everything... u can see it anyway:)

music books, books and books!

our balcony-laundry and kitchen make-shift!
overlooking the 'talat' below- market or 'palengke'
so food and things we need is just right there:)
very convenient, right?

clothesline is there too! multi-purpose isn't it?

I guess, I don't have time now so I'll just continue tomorrow okie? Home is where the heart is so wherever we are, as long as we learn to organize, clean and make our home inviting and lingering with cheery attitude, that will reflect our lives vice-versa.

It does matter if you're rich and you have a nice, big, beautiful house but importantly, above that one, is the matter which makes it worthy of living, and that is when our house can be called a home. A home where love, joy and peace abides. I think that's what matters the most! Agree? :)

Key Figurines in Myanmar's Political Issues

Oh my gush!

yup! I really can't stop blabbing... I know. I know.

I don't really intend to bore u guyz because of this current political issues goin on in between Myanmar's people and its government. It's just that the crimes committed by its government has gone up to the top! Yay! I know I've been so updated about these issues that imagine for 3 days all I could do is to talk about it.

Hubby told me how soldiers raped pitilessly the women, steal the properties of the common people, their land, and anything that these junta's like to have as their own. I have felt their fears. Imagine, I went there as a social tourist and I can't stay with the local people unless I have permission from the municipal office so they won't have suspicions on me as a traitor or something, against their government? I could be jailed if I don't!

How could I stop thinking?

Today, many monks and civilians have been killed and hurt violently by the soldiers and police men. Fire, batons, pistols and tear gas are still being used to stop the protest. Even monks have been forced to walk like dogs! How cruel is that! To mean that monks are the highest respected people in the country where Buddhism is the main religion, it's very disrespectful and a disgraceful act to the religion.

To add insult to the injury, Haroon Siddique of Guardian Unlimited reported that President Bush accused the regime of a range of abuses including the persecution of ethnic minorities, forced child labour, human trafficking and the detention of "more than 1,000 political prisoners". It just simply shows that the junta will do everything in its power to maintain their authority no matter what.

Nevertheless, going down, giving up to democracy and confessing would simply betray themselves which would lead to their being guilty of their 20 years reign of multifarious crimes they have committed to their people. Thus, an equivalent BIG, BIG punishment is at stake.

What are their military generals thinking?

Hmmm... they will come to an end too. And it will be very soon. Yah! I am positive on this. Hope is what makes us alive so keep it burning people!

Here are faces of the people whose intervention are timely needed to straighten the BIG issues raging on until this very moment. Let's take a look at them.

Are u familiar with them too?

US President Bush urged UN to help Burma regain its freedom
Hurray! at last the long awaited sanction:)

Have u guyz thought about a solution?

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, 2nd from left, and Rama Yade, left, the junior minister for human rights, face Burmese exiled opposition leader Sein Win, 2nd from right , and British-born actress Jane Birkin, right, at the Elysee Palace, in Paris, Wednesday,

Sept. 26, 2007. Sarkozy met with opponents of the Southeast Asian nation's regime after FranceBritain pushed for more international sanctions against Myanmar, saying the world must unite to punish the southeast Asian country for its crackdown against anti-government protesters. (AP Photo/Eric Feferberg, Pool) and

He's going to do something now, I guess!

Canada's Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier seen here During the APEC Ministerial Meeting in Sydney, on 05 September. In a statement, released by Bernier'soffice, Canada's government has condemned Myanmar authorities for using "deadly force" to suppress mass protests led by Buddhist monks against the military

Help is on its way. Yey!!!

I believe there are so many others out there. Can u still name some of them?

Photo source: AFP Photo/ Reuters

Aung San Suu Kyi's Role, My Call for Plea

Who is Aung San Suu Kyi and what role does she play on the fate of Myanmar?

She is a pro-democrat who has been in detention for fighting for freedom thus, remains house arrest until at present and has spend 12 of the last 18 years of her life in detention.
I admire so much her courage in spite of being detained for the sake of her country and its future.

Last monday, she was seen for the first time after 4 years and was allowed to watch silently at the gate while protesters stood outside shouting out their support for her and calling for her freedom too. I've learned more about her by the write up of the Associated Press, The Life of Myanmar's opposition leader and a site which is dedicated for her Daw Aung Suu Kyi.

Call for Plea
I call for the people, the United Nations, for President Bush and all the powerful people of our society today, are we just going to watch them or are we going to do something? What steps are necessary to take so there will be peace and democracy in Myanmar?

Can you pray with me so the powerful people, the UN will help Myanmar have peace and freedom too? What do you think can we do to help? Is there any thing that we can do so we couldn't be just bystanders here?

I am really hoping for hope to come to them in time and I hope it is now.

Why bother myself with Myanmar's Issues?

I feel a great connection with the Myanmar people since my husband came from Karen Tribe. He got a big clan there. They were mostly in the city of Yangon, formerly Rangoon and that's where we stayed when we paid a visit.

Actually, I met them twice already. The first one's during Christmas season of year 2005 followed by our 10 days summer vacation last May, 2007. It was a long one if you have been there. Ever since, I have always attached myself to their countrymen; kind, generous and humble people and most especially his family who currently lives there.

Being a Myanmar national himself, my heart yearns for what his people desire; their liberation; and it's because of this that once in a while I cry and let my tears fell from my eyes as I sought for hope, against all odds because I've sensed that fear and captivity which lingers in the hearts of those people who just wants to be free; to be entitled as well for the pleasure of independence we have gained very long time ago and which, we currently enjoy.

Myanmar is one of the poorest country and its very visible once you step on their land. People are forced to live in a very simply lifestyle since water and electricity are very difficult to attain as well. Imagine, those are basic necessities in our life and yet, they have very limited service available for them.

I've stayed in the city and the contrast between the houses of the military officials and the ordinary people are exactly opposite and displaced. It's definitely rich and poor. And when I say poor, it's literally poor unlike the poor filipino people who'd squattered alongside the roads of manila. I would say they are much fortunate to have water and electricity available for them 24 hours. Most of them even have televisions, refrigerators, dvds, cd players and so forth.

It's way different in Myanmar although, last May, I've seen new buildings and infrastructure going on but still, those will be very expensive for the common people and those high-ranking officials and diplomats are the only ones who could be able to afford that.

They also have the poorest access to health care thus, many people are weak and sick of different kinds.

One of our concerns until now is to help Chao's family there. His parents are retired and already old and sick. We have been trying to send them regularly to provide for their needs and also for their house renovation. They have been staying in their inherited house from their parents and there's too much to repair.

Mommy Aye, his mom tells us each households needs to have $500 to have a gas stove, plus almost the same amount or bigger depending on the class of the the product they will buy to serve as their water generator, pump and water tank or container. The water supply from the government cannot reach many homes but only the center of the city in the lower ground. Thus, many are drawn to pumping up their water and so comes the well- a conservative way of getting water. Yeah, it still exist there.

On the other hand, electricity comes 5-6hours each day and its a very low current. But at least they could get some energy source to recharge their batteries and charger. So imagine, the town looks dim, and each houses looks dimly lit. Ahhh... I remember we have 1 medium flourescent light at night and that's it though some other houses, have many charged generators that will supply more power for their electrical needs.

My family in Myanmar are living in a very traditional way; I kept wondering how his daddy, a school's director and her mom, a physician have accepted a very low earning considering their decent jobs but as I've get to know them, they have been devoted to helping their countrymen in whatever way then can.

I've realized later on there's just no way out but really its in liberation that the fate of the people there will be save... that's why they became so much a part of me 'cuz I feel compassion for them; for all of them.

Last month, mommy Aye told us the oil price is increasing, then later on, everything is increasing that they can hardly afford it. But they have to buy it since, oil runs their generators. Now I felt so worried about them that as the heated controversy rage on between the military and its people- the government might explode and hurt the civilians and monks like what happened before.

I'm partly glad that the civilians, the people and the monks have rallied to fight for their freedom from the military government which has robbed them years of modern civilization. I am scared for my family there, for the people. I care for them.

How about you?

Q&A: Protests In Burma

As I try to understand more about what's happening to Myanmar a.k.a. Burma, I think this is the most easiest and detailed news I've read. Let me share with u what I've found in BBC news about what triggered the protest.

Q&A: Protests in Burma

As demonstrations in Burma continue to gather pace, the BBC looks at what triggered the protests, who is involved and what they could mean for the country's military leaders.

What sparked the protests?

On 15 August the government decided to increase the price of fuel. Both petrol and diesel doubled in price, while the cost of compressed gas - used to power buses - increased five-fold.

The hikes hit Burma's people hard, forcing up the price of public transport and triggering a knock-on effect for staples such as rice and cooking oil.

Pro-democracy activists led the initial demonstrations in Burma's main city, Rangoon. When about 400 people marched on 19 August, it was the largest demonstration in the military-ruled nation for several years.

The authorities moved swiftly to quell the protests, rapidly arresting dozens of activists. Nonetheless, protests continued around the country. Numbers were small, but demonstrations were held in Rangoon, Sittwe and other towns.

Why are monks involved?

The monks started participating in large numbers after troops used force to break up a peaceful rally in the central town of Pakokku on 5 September.

At least three monks were hurt. The next day, monks in Pakokku briefly took government officials hostage. They gave the government until 17 September to apologise, but no apology was forthcoming.

When the deadline expired, the monks began to protest in much greater numbers and also withdrew their religious services from the military and their families.

There have been protests every day since the deadline, both in Rangoon and elsewhere, and they are getting bigger by the day. Tens of thousands of monks are now involved.

The participation of the monks is significant because there are hundreds of thousands of them and they are highly revered. The clergy has historically been prominent in political protests in Burma.

Because of the clergy's influence, the government has tried hard to woo many senior abbots. The fact that these abbots have chosen to remain silent is a sign for many people that they condone the protests.

Analysts believe that any violence against the monks could trigger a national uprising.

Is it still about an apology?

For some of the monks, yes. But for others, it has now gone far beyond that.

A group called the Alliance of All Burmese Buddhist Monks has emerged to co-ordinate the protests, and on 21 September it issued a statement describing the military government as "the enemy of the people".

They pledged to continue their protests until they had "wiped the military dictatorship from the land of Burma", and they have called on people across Burma to join them.

One rally marched past the house of detained pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, clearly linking the monks' movement with a desire for a change of government.

Are others joining in?

In the initial days of the protests, the public did not appear to be involved - commentators suggested that they were too scared of retaliation.

But this has gradually changed as the demonstrations have grown in size.

Footage of one protest showed people lining the route as the monks marched, forming a chain to protect them from any retaliation from soldiers.

And on 24 September, thousands of people responded to a call from the monks and joined a massive protest in Rangoon.

Key members of the opposition party, the National League for Democracy (NLD) are now said to be joining the protests, after initially distancing themselves from the action.

When did Burma last see protests like these?

The last time Burma saw anything on this scale was during the popular uprising of August 1988.

These protests were triggered by the government's decision in 1987 to devalue the currency, wiping out many people's savings.

Demonstrations began among students and then gradually spread to monks and the public. These culminated in a national uprising on 8 August 1988, when hundreds of thousands of people marched to demand a change of government.

The government sent troops to brutally suppress the protests. At least 3,000 people are believed to have died.

What is the government saying?

The government has said very little and its troops have so far shown restraint.

Some analysts say that this is partly because the leaders are based in the new capital, Nay Pyi Taw, rather than the old capital Rangoon, so they have not had to contend with the protests on their own doorstep.

Other analysts say they may have been warned to maintain stability by China, Burma's key ally and trading partner.

But the parallels with the uprising in 1988 will not have escaped the authorities, and many analysts fear that some sort of reaction is only a matter of time.

Sep 26, 2007

Awakening Myanmar...

Today, many monks and civilians continue to participate lining up in the streets of Yangon hand in hand to fight for their freedom.

It was indeed an overwhelming scene seeing the people with their unrelenting spirits gone up peacefully wild but never ceasing this time. Their spirits are awakened and so we should be as a worldwide community.

I really do hope.

I think all of us can help these people in one way or another; not just remain to be bystander while the other side of the world is uprising with fear and terror.

On the other side, the world is beginning to see how the junta manage the chaos by sending troops of police and soldiers to stop the people promoting to end the military regime.

Those are scary policemen full of shields and other riot equipments!

they are the bravest monks I've seen!

see that? they are putting barricades to avoid monks from entering Yangon

ahh... looks like they could kill!

My fears for the people yesterday is gradually taking place now as there have been news stating that pistols, batons and physical strength are being used now by the military authorities. It is really a sad picture to think about but I guess, these things whether we like it or not has to happen in order to save the future of their people.

I'm feeling choke already seeing this smoke from tear gas...

security forces are really violent! imagine using batons and tear gas to people- they are so merciless! I felt pity on them.

Using Fire and tear gas are very cruel
Taken by Irrawaddy-an internet publication

Furthermore, Aung San Suu Kyi has been seen transferred from her villa to a more secluded notorious prison.

The fact that the uprising violent reaction of the military is beginning, it seems that this situation will not end peacefully, but I do hope that an aid from different alliances, organizations and most powerful government will unite themselves to protect the people. Rescue is at hand as President Bush has released his sanction urging all nations "to help the Burmese people reclaim their freedom".

Myanmar has been an oppressed country for a very long time. I agree with Omar Shariff in his news column, Myanmar Key is China that China is one of the greatest ally of the junta and until the time they won't stop supporting Myanmar's officials, they won't loosen the grip they have been working on tightly in its government for almost 20 years now. That power, I hope should be release now as human rights shouts in Burma.

What can international community then do?

Source of Pictures: AFP Photo and Stringer/Reuters

Aung San Suu Kyi's Poems

I'm so touched by this courageous woman who will stand for her rights and principles no matter what. Even her life is at stake.

Honestly, I have been crying almost the whole afternoon as I watch the news and as I read the news in the internet but most of all, when I learned more about her and her fit for freedom. I believe her poems speaks for herself and it transparently speaks to us. I am shaken and empowered by her powerful words that I hope I could share it here with u as well.

"The struggle for democracy and human rights in Burma is a struggle for life and dignity. It is a struggle that encompasses our political, social and economic aspirations. The people of my country want the two freedoms that spell security: freedom from want and freedom from fear."
-Daw Aung Suu Kyi-

Here are some of her poems I got from this site and at the bottom I will put the comments and the reactions of the people who have read it.

In The Quiet Land
(By Daw Aung San Suu Kyi)

In the Quiet Land, no one can tell
if there's someone who's listening
for secrets they can sell.
The informers are paid in the blood of the land
and no one dares speak what the tyrants won't stand.

In the quiet land of Burma,
no one laughs and no one thinks out loud.
In the quiet land of Burma,
you can hear it in the silence of the crowd.

In the Quiet Land, no one can say
when the soldiers are coming
to carry them away.
The Chinese want a road; the French want the oil;
the Thais take the timber; and SLORC takes the spoils...

In the Quiet Land....
In the Quiet Land, no one can hear
what is silenced by murder
and covered up with fear.
But, despite what is forced, freedom's a sound
that liars can't fake and no shouting can drown.

Free bird towards a free Burma
(By Daw Aung San Suu Kyi)

My home...
where I was born and raised
used to be warm and lovely
now filled with darkness and horror.

My family...
whom I had grown with
used to be cheerful and lively
now living with fear and terror.

My friends...
whom I shared my life with
used to be pure and merry
now living with wounded heart.

A free bird...
which is just freed
used to be caged
now flying with an olive branch
for the place it loves. A free bird towards a Free Burma.

Why do I have to fight???
(By Daw Aung San Suu Kyi)

They killed my father a year ago,
And they burnt my hut after that
I asked the city men "why me?" they ignored
"I don't know, mind your business," the men said.
One day from elementary school I came home,
Saw my sister was lifeless, lying in blood.

I looked around to ask what happened, if somebody'd known,
Found no one but living room as a flood.
Running away by myself on the village road,
Not knowing where to go but heading for my teacher
Realizing she's the only one who could help to clear my throat,
But this time she gave up, telling me strange things in fear.

Why, teacher, why.. why.. why?
I have no dad nor a sister left.
To teach me and to care for me you said, was that a lie?
This time with tearful eyes she, again, said...
"Be a grown one, young man,
Can't you see we all are dying?
And stop this with your might as soon as you can,
For we all are suffering."

Reactions and Comments:

I'm deeply impressed by all those poems... They almost make me cry, make me wonder why's everything so wrong and the wold still lets it happen..I founded here words that should be written in the sky, on all the walls of every town to remind us all to be strong, to fly as free as high and never fall I keep on wondering: after so much suffering and pain how could a human being be as strong,as brave to find will to try and hope again?
-- Raluca Enescu

Incredible, breathtaking. Can't read this without crying. It has a soul and written by somebody, who has big pain in his heart. Sad is, that almost nobody knows about her, and about what she did for all of us
-- Michael Nedoma

Yeah... But the saddest thing is that even some of the ones who know about her simply DON'T CARE! I think they should all read those poems and listen to U2's song Walk On. If this won't impress them, I don't know what on Earth will!
-- Raluca Enescu
Love her! Extremely impressed by her! Love all words in the poems. My heart is crying because of these poems. Frustrated that I can't do much to help her.
-- Nhoo Matthews

Hey, why do you say you can't do much for helping her? There are plenty of things you can do! i know, maybe just little ones, but remember that ONE raindrop in an ocean means more than nothing.
-- Raluca Enescu

I wish I could do more...I wrote about Burma in my country...I wrotte about Suu Kyi...she makes me proud of being part of the humankind...she gives me hope that justice and freedom will, one day, prevale...I wish I could do more, but I'm so small...If only people could see that if they stand together they have the greatest power of all...I call upon all the citizens of the world. Together you can free Suu Kyi...
-- laura vasconcellos

Everyone that cares and cries and loves is doing so much. If everyone in the world cared and cried and loved, the world would have no more war and no more murder and hate...
-- April Sandoval

What about you, how did it make you feel afterwards?